Do you need a new vacuum cleaner? Are you struggling to find the right model that is powerful enough to meet all your needs while still staying within a tight budget of $150 or less? If so, then you should know that there are actually plenty models of vacuum on the market that fit such a description.

Whether you want something bagged or bagless, something to remove pet hair or just get down deep into your carpets, there are many options that meet every single one of these needs. Here are a few models that make the grade:

Best Canister Vacuum Review

1. Sanitaire SC368A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The Sanitaire SC368A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight vacuum model typically used in the professional cleaning industry. You can use it on your bare floors, hard surfaces, carpets, and even low-pile area rugs without difficulty. There is a HEPA filtration system on the unit, which keeps you and your family healthy by removing dust, dirt, and allergens from your carpet and trapping them within the canister.

There is a telescopic metal wand on this vacuum, which allows you to maneuver the unit more easily than you would otherwise be able to. It also allows you to get into those hard-to-reach places. The same goal is achieved with the help of an included, attachable crevice tool so you can get right along the corners of your floor.

Real reviewers from say that they really like the fact that changing the bags and filter out when necessary is a quick and easy process. They also like that it works well on almost every type of floor in existence.

2. Dirt Devil Power Reach SD40030

If you want a great canister vacuum that is bagless, lightweight, and easy to operate, then you should consider the Dirt Devil Power Reach SD40030. This vacuum cleaner is designed to never lose suction, which means that as long as your filter lasts, so will the vacuum. The multi-cyclonic filtration process ensures that dust and dirt are separated out evenly, so all your debris goes into the dust collection cup and not back into your carpets.

Whenever you need to transition from your carpet to your hardwood floor and back again, you can simply use the powered floor nozzle, which switches the vacuum’s brushes off or on as needed. If you hate having to rewind cords around the back of a vacuum cleaner, then you will more than likely love this vacuum, because it has an automatic cord rewind function built into it. All you have to do when you are finished with the vacuum is unplug it from the wall, then press the cord rewind button and watch the cord retract itself back into the unit. reviewers say that they really like the strong suction power provided by this vacuum cleaner, as well as the simple location of all the buttons for retracting the cord, switching on the power, and more.

3. BISSELL Hard Floor Expert 1154

The BISSELL Hard Floor Expert 1154 is an air-driven vacuum cleaner that is primarily used for dusting purposes on hard surfaces. The soft bristles on the unit help to clean up pet hair, crumbs, and other small types of debris that you might not be able to pick up with a standard vacuum cleaner.

You can use this vacuum cleaner to get around and underneath your furniture without a problem, thanks to the integrated swivel technology on the unit. The slim design makes the vacuum easy to store in a closet without taking up too much space, and the unit is lightweight enough that you can pull it around the whole house without feeling like you are getting a workout. This particular vacuum’s dust cup empties from the bottom, so you just have to hold the vacuum over a garbage can, empty the dust cup, then close it back up for the next use.


Final Verdict

Real reviewers  say that they like the fact that you can easily transition from room to room just by adding or removing the necessary attachments for the type of job you will be doing. Users also like the fact that they can use this vacuum on their hardwood floors without worrying about scratches appearing on the floor.

Are you searching for the best canister vacuum under $150? If so, then you may want to consider one of these three options. They are all powerful, lightweight, and easy to operate. Plus, they allow you to transition from carpets, to hardwood floors, to upholstery and other surfaces in a matter of seconds.

Finally, these vacuum cleaners are designed to handle a wide variety of messes with the utmost power and durability, so no matter what sort of a job you throw their way, these vacuums will deliver high-performance results for many years to come.


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