If you need a good handheld vacuum cleaner that can pick up pet hair and other types of debris that gets embedded in your carpets and upholstery, but you want to stay within a budget of $150 or less, then you may be frustrated due to the lack of models available to you.

However, we have found approximately four models that may make the grade and provide you with all the benefits that you need. Here is a review of each of these models and the features they offer:

Best Handheld  Vacuum Under $150

1.Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030

The Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 is specifically designed for pet owners, as it is cordless and can get deep down into your carpets and upholstery to pull out the hair that may be embedded deep within these surfaces. There is a lithium ion interchangeable battery on the unit, which helps you to get maximum power out of the vacuum, without having to frequently recharge it.

There is a 25-degree pivot nozzle on the vacuum, which makes it easier to maneuver around your home. The pet upholstery tool with three-blade design allows you to clean off your sofa, chairs, and other types of upholstery where pet hair tends to build up over time. You can also clean your delicate surfaces by using the dusting brush on the unit.

Real reviewers on Amazon.com say that they like that the battery is an 18-volt lithium ion that won’t fade away. They also like the dirt collection cup on the unit, which is easy to empty and gets quite a bit of debris inside of it before you need to empty it again.

2.Dyson DC34

There is a powerful motor on the Dyson DC34, which is up to 3 times faster than standard vacuum cleaner motors, so you can pick up more pet hair and other types of debris. Plus, the vacuum also won’t lose any suction, because it is created in such a way as to keep on working until you charge it up again. Speaking of recharging, the vacuum recharges up to 3 times faster than many other handheld vacuum cleaners, so you can start using it again after charging.

There is a hygienic bin emptying function, which means that you can simply press a button on the vacuum and release the dirt and debris that builds up inside of it without having to touch the dirt yourself. Therefore, you will stay relatively healthy as you won’t come into direct contact with any of the mess that has built up in the unit.

Amazon.com reviewers say that they like the powerful suction that is offered by this vacuum, as well as the rechargeable lithium ion battery that quickly recharges in a short amount of time.

3.Oreck RBBUltimate2

The Oreck RBBUltimate2 is portable and very lightweight, which helps you to carry it around from one place to another in your home. You can easily clean your hard floors, furniture, light fixtures, and even more areas in your house that may be difficult to reach with a standard vacuum cleaner.

A HEPA filtration system on this unit works to trap dust, dirt, and other allergens that embed themselves in your surfaces. The filter then keeps these pieces of debris from recirculating back into the air in your home. This means that you and your family should stay relatively healthy as long as you use this vacuum on a regular basis. There is also an easy-access bag door on the vacuum, so you can quickly remove the bag and replace it with a new one.

According to popular reviews on Amazon.com, users of this vacuum like how easy this vacuum is to carry around whenever you need to. Users also like the powerful suction offered by this vacuum so that you can get a complete clean in your home.

4.Black & Decker PAD1200

If you want a handheld vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically to work in your vehicle, then you may want to consider the Black & Decker PAD1200. There is a 4-foot hose on the vacuum, which can reach both the high places in your car as well as those hard-to-reach places, like underneath your seats.

High-performance cyclonic action on the vacuum allows you to get more debris inside the vacuum than you would normally be able to do with a standard vacuum cleaner. There is also a flip nozzle and a crevice tool on the unit to help you get a more complete clean and perhaps even detail your car whenever you need to.

Final Verdict

Say that they like the amount of power offered by this vacuum cleaner, as it allows you to clean your entire car or truck with one use. Users also like not having to worry about the battery life, because the vacuum simply plugs into the 12 V cigarette lighter outlet on your car, so no recharging is ever required.


Are you searching for the best handheld vacuum under $150? If so, then you may want to consider investing in one of these four options.


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