When you buy those beautiful and expensive carpets for your home, you pledge to keep them clean but over time they garner dirt and mess and you keep postponing the cleaning process out of laziness or in order to avoid the amount of hard work that it’d require until the time comes when you have to call a professional cleaner and pay him/her your hard-earned money in order to get your beloved carpets cleaned.

The above situation can be avoided if you get an efficient vacuum cleaner which can help you keep your carpets tidy and dust-free all the time. These days, one can find an impressive variety of vacuum cleaners in the market. However, choosing the right cleaner for your carpets can be quite a daunting job if you haven’t done some intelligent research or aren’t aware of the important features to look out for.

When buying a vacuum for your carpets, make sure you select the one that is easy to lift and navigate, is lightweight, comes with useful attachments, is convenient to manoeuvre round your carpets, has a powerful motor, comes with a hose and bag and can offer desired suction.

Reviewed ahead are the most popular vacuums for carpets available in the market presently.

Best Lightweight Carpet Vacuum

1. Hoover Platinum vacuum cleaner UH30010COM

Hoover is in arguably the most popular brand in the vacuum cleaner segment. The Hoover Platinum vacuum cleaner UH30010COM is a powerful upright device that is lightweight and easy to handle. Its 12 amp motor helps it in delivering impressive results. Its exclusive wind-tunnel technology and direct airflow technology distinguish it from other carpet cleaners in the market and help it in delivering powerful, quick and easy cleaning experience.

It has two speed options for different surfaces and also comes with a special crevice tool for carpet cleaning. What’s more, you can control all the settings merely through your fingertips! A telescoping wand, a bare floor cleaning brush, and a dusting brush are other accessories that are included with the Hoover UH30010COM that comes with a five year warranty that says it all!

Users have lauded this model to be lightweight, easy to handle and manoeuvre around.  Best suited for both carpets and tile floors this cleaner can also be used for general cleaning and has a strong suction power making it one of the most preferred and best lightweight vacuums for carpets on the market. Many elderly couples also use this model as it is light as a feather and powerful as can be.It also has a carrying strap and lots of other tools that help you keep your home spick and span.

2. Shark Navigator Model NV356E

The tag line of this wonder cleaner- Lightweight and Never Loses Suction, says it all! The Shark Navigator Model NV356E vacuum cleaner can be the ideal option for cleaning all those dirty carpets in your living room, bedroom, lobby area and the reading room.

This lightweight and powerful cleaner never loses suction and this is probably its best feature on offer. You can easily manoeuvre it round your big carpets without getting tired. Its two-motor system makes it ideal for carpets which are full of stubborn dirt. It has an impressive reach of up to 27 feet.

So if you want to buy a vacuum that can help you get rid of all the pet hair and dust on your carpets and want to get something that is easy to control, handle and maintain then the Shark Navigator vacuum can be worth your consideration!

Users particularly love this light weight model as it is easy and efficient to use on both carpets and hard floors. Many also say that the shark is as good as Dyson models and costs much lesser. The suction is so strong that it easily does away even pet hair and dander, making it the best lightweight vacuum for carpet cleaning that one can find.

3. Eureka Sanitaire Model SC785

Cheap, compact and effective, the Eureka Sanitaire Model SC785 vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for rugs and carpets. This upright cleaner comes with two-motor system for more efficient and reliable performance on carpets that often serve as the home for the most stubborn dust and hair.

Its compact size and light weight makes it extremely easy to handle, control and manoeuvre round the huge carpets, cleaning which otherwise often proves tiring. Its detachable hose works perfectly and its powerful motor system delivers instantaneous results. Its attractive red coloured look is an added bonus!

Those who have used this model of Eureka highly recommend it for being lightweight.  The different settings actually allow you to clean your floor until it sparkles. The detachable hose is easy to put together. All in all, this is  the best lightweight vacuum for carpet cleaning that you can buy from the market.

4. Bissell CleanView 9955

If you’re looking for a great value for money deal and don’t want to shell out huge bucks for a carpet vacuum and yet get home a powerful device then the Bissell CleanView 9955 can be definitely worth a try. Its powerful suction puts it in a different league altogether and its compact size and light weight make it an attractive option for women. The unique design of its brush makes it an effective device for carpets and rugs where the dust and hair found are often stuck rigidly.

Its dirt tank is washable and can be easily emptied. Its cyclonic system delivers the most powerful and impressive performance on the rugs and carpets and keeps them clean and dust-free always. What’s more, it’s also bag-less, easy and quick to assemble and is highly customizable in terms of height.

The surprising under $100 cost further makes this Bissell vacuum a not-to-be-missed deal! Users love its compact and upright design that facilitates easy storage. Users have lauded this vacuum cleaner as it has strong suction and the filter is easy to empty and clean. All the above vacuum cleaners can be easily bought from all popular online shopping websites and appliance shops.


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