A good vacuum cleaner can be a real blessing, especially for those multitudes of people who have to juggle between work and household chores. Cleaning is the most cumbersome chore to do in every household.

Now with advancements in technology vacuum cleaners are no longer primitive machines that make some noise and draw in some dirt, these units are more adept and powerful at cleaning up the entire house in a jiffy.

Here are few of the best rated vacuum cleaners has seen-

Best Vacuum Cleaners

1. Hoover SH20030

The Hoover SH20030 is a corded stick vacuum that has an integrated powered brush roll with cyclonic technology. This helps this wonder machine to transition from hard or wood flooring to low pile carpets and also area rugs. The swivel steering technology lets you easily maneuver around furniture without having to stoop down to clean.

The vacuum has 20’ of power cord, with cord release system that allows you to clean all corners of the room without having to unplug and plug again. A bottom release dirt cup allows you to see when it is time to empty the dirt; this simplifies dirt disposal to a huge extent. The extreme recline handle of this sleek yet powerful vacuum allows you to reachfar under furniture and clean up any muck beneath.

Though this vacuum does not come with any accessories, it does one helluva good job in cleaning up floors and carpeted areas. This little gem is a real blessing for OCD’s who are compulsive about having the cleanest of floors. Many users like that the head is so well designed that it smoothly slides under sofas and beds, and gets dirt from hard to reach places. Others like that the cord is long enough to simply connect it to a centrally located power outlet and clean up a whole apartment in one go!

2. Miele S2121

The Miele S2121 is a canister vacuum cleaner that is exceptionally light in weight but very sturdy and durable too. It has an air clean filter that traps the smallest of dirt particles.

The vacuum comes with versatile accessories that can be used to clean drapes, carpets etc. A dusting brush, and an upholstery tool (apart form the regular crevice tool accessory) are the clip on accessories that come along with the vacuum cleaner.

It has a six stage suction system that is easily adjustable. A rotary dial allows you to choose the correct power level based on the surface that needs to be cleaned. The combination floor tool that comes attached to the cleaner smoothly transitions from smooth flooring to low pile carpets at the click of the rocker switch.

Users love the vario clip that has three on-board accessories that helps you clean up hard to reach spots, upholstery and even delicate items. The telescopic wand made of durable stainless steel is a favorite among many happy users who claim that it gives them an effortless reach of about 29.5 ft to clean high racks. 4.4 star rating on amazon and over 300 positive reviews make this one of the best rated vacuum cleaners.


Here are a few pointers that are sure to help you find the best vacuum cleaner for your home-

  • Ratings– A vacuum cleaner is nothing but an “air pump” and the rating you should be most concerned with is the volume of air moved per minute which is termed as CFM. The higher the CFM, the more powerful will the suction of the cleaner be.
  • Maintainability– Look for a cleaner that is easy to use and easier to maintain as well.
  • Bagless or Bagged? – Though more cost efficient bagged vacuum cleaners tend leak a lot of dust so stay clear of them if you suffer from allergy related problems. If you or someone in the family does not have allergies bagless vacuums can provide both convenience and cost savings.
  • Warranty– If the manufacturer is confident about their product they will offer a good warranty on it, so look for a vacuum cleaner with a decent warranty period.
  • What will you be using the vacuum for– You also need to decide and understand what will the vacuum be used to clean up. While many need a vacuum cleaner just to clean up flooring others may need one with more suction to clean up pet debris and hair.
  • Add-ons You Need (or don’t)– With the advent of technology every appliance has cool add ons that you may or may not use. From sophisticated shampooers to turbo driven upholstery brushes, there are a number of add ons that come with vacuum cleaners. But will you use them? It is recommended that you buy a basic good quality vacuum and then purchasing tools separately that you may need.



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