Removing pet hair and dander from floors, upholstery and other surfaces is vital, especially when there are those who suffer from allergies in your home.

Not thoroughly cleaning up allergens can bring on allergic reactions in just a few seconds and even medical emergencies. This is why you need to choose a vacuum cleaner that is designed to efficiently pick up pet hair as you clean your home. This way, you make sure that there is nothing left on your home’s surfaces that can bring on any allergy attacks and your home looks clean and dust-free.

There are certain features that you will need to look for in a vacuum for pet hair.  They make sure that every hair from your pets, dust, mold and other allergens are cleaned away. These features include:

  • Strong suction power: This is a must-have in every vac for pet hair removal. It should not only have enough power to pick up the hairs but also adequate suction to get them all into the dirt cup or bag.
  • Top-notch filtration systems:. HEPA, Carbon or other multi-stage filtration systems are beneficial as they will ensure that collected debris is not passed back to the air in your home and will increase the quality of air indoors.
  • Accessories and tools designed for pet hair cleaning: Many vacuums have accessories and tools that are specifically designed for effective pet hair and dander removal. You should look for one that has these.

Proper maintenance and care of your vac is also necessary to make sure that it always performs well when it comes to picking up and eliminating pet hair and dander.

Best Rated Vacuums Pet Hair

1. Eureka AS2030A AirSpeed ONE Pet, Bagless Upright Vacuum

: his is a high-quality unit that comes with features and tools designed to make pet hair removal easy for you. It has the incredible Pet Power Paw Turbo Nozzle that provides you with thorough deep-cleaning of carpets, upholstery and stairs to remove all pet hairs.

It also comes with a PET Dusting Brush, and crevice tool to help you clean those hard-to-reach areas of all hair, dust, pollen, grime, etc. Its low-profile nozzle is handy while cleaning pet hair from under your furniture.

Its AirFlow Technology allows more air movement and removal of dirt from all surfaces in your home. This is a top-rated vac ideal for homes with pets.

2. Euro Pro Shark NV22 Upright Navigator Vac

This is another unit that has received great ratings among vacuums for pet hair.

It has high suction power and provides effortless access to crevices and other areas that are tough to clean with its wheels that glide smoothly. You can clean both carpeted and bare floors easily and effectively.

The Shark Navigator Power Nozzle and Power Brush, that is handheld, allow you to remove pet hair from any surface in your home. This is a vac that has received rave reviews from homeowners who have pets so it is perfect for you!

3. Sebo 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx Upright Vacuum

This high-end vac is one that offers you superior cleaning performance, whether it is for pet hairs or any other allergen and debris. It has a powerful suction unit to efficiently remove all pet hairs from floors, furniture, stairs, etc.

It can also be detached so that you can clean areas that are more convenient to clean with a handheld vac. It has a 6-inch profile that helps you easily clean pet hairs from under your furniture.

It has an S-class exhaust microfilter giving you superior filtration. This is a top-notch unit for pet hair removal from any surface in your home.

4. Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Tangle-free Turbine Tool

This is a well-known name when it comes to vacs and this unit is an excellent one for homes with pets.

This lightweight and compact unit has the patented technology called Radial Root Cyclone to provide excellent suction and prevents its loss while you are cleaning. Allergens such as pet hair, dander, pollen, mold, etc. are captured efficiently and cleaner air is expelled.

Its handy mini-turbine hair is awesome for cleaning pet hair from spaces that are confined and tough to get to. This is a definite must-buy for pet owners.

5. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210 Bagless Upright Vacuum

It is one of the best rated units among pet hair removal vacuums on the market.

It comes with an excellent Pet Hair Turbo Brush that makes cleaning pet hairs, even long-haired ones, a breeze! It also has a nozzle that is designed to effectively clean hair from furniture. It has other on-board tools that will make cleaning your home convenient, quick and easy.

It has HEPA and Carbon filters with an indicator that lets you know when they require cleaning. This is a great buy if you have pets at home.


Final Verdict

With one of these top-rated vacuums for pet hair removal, your task of cleaning the surfaces in your home and cleaning allergens away will be one that does not require you to strain or stress yourself out!


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