Wood floors are beautiful to look at and feel wonderful when you walk barefooted across them. Unfortunately, they can be a pain to sweep and mop. It’s actually a futile effort to do either considering all the innovative cleaners available to you on the market nowadays. One such item is the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Not to overthrow human ability and responsibility, but manual sweeping only stirs the dirt and manual mopping just pushes it around. A robot cleaner like the ones below can take all of your cares, and dirt, away. That’s all besides making your hectic life a little easier.

Best Robot Vacuum for Wood Floors Guide

1. Ecovacs DEEBOT M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Every room in your house is different and attracts varying amounts of dirt and debris. If you frequent certain areas, that space could accumulate more dirt than in the rest of your house. When this happens, the Ecovacs DEEBOT M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will clean the area until all dirt has been removed. This spot cleaning mode will focus on a single section of your floor, passing over it as many times as necessary. Your wood floor won’t suffer any damage as a result. For times when you host a party or guests and you know there will be more dirt than you’re used to, set the cleaner to intensive mode. The speed of the brush and power of the suction will increase.

Walls and tight corners are not to be outdone. The edge mode targets those places so that dirt gets pulled from them. And, of course, the cleaner wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a traditional vacuuming mode for daily cleaning. When your floors need a good mopping, the DM80 will use the least amount of water and a drying pad on the rear to protect your wood floors from any damage. The mop in the front of the unit gets dampened and not soaked to gently remove dirt. The Anti-Collision sensors also do their fair amount of protecting your furniture, preventing the unit from bumping into your furniture or falling down the stairs. This robotic vacuum comes with a remote control and Wi-Fi capabilities, giving you the ability to operate it from a distance. This is a feature users especially enjoy.

2.Ecovacs DEEBOT M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

TheEcovacs DEEBOT M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner goes beyond a regular cleaning tool. It uses UV technology to sterilize your floor as it mops it. The HEPA filter helps eliminate and reduce allergens and tiny particles. This feature pairs with the TurboLift vacuum that enhances suction by four times to ensure your wood floors have zero dirt on them by the time it’s finished. Speaking of which, you get to determine what area you want cleaned by setting the blOck Plus. This control allows you to establish boundaries in up to two different directions. The time it takes to finish will be determined by your parameters. When it needs more power, it will automatically charge.

Your cleaner will be able to handle all the dirt it collects because its dustbin is capable of storing up to an entire liter of hair, dirt, pet hair, and dust. Regardless of whether you have it set to vacuum up dry dirt or mop up the more stubborn stains, this cleaner will be able to avoid any furniture, obstacles, and stairs that might lead to it taking a tumble. A fall down a flight of steps might not be the reason your unit malfunctions, but it can experience issues. When this happens, the self-diagnostic function will tell you in a brief sentence what the issue is. Customers are amazed at the powerful suction this cleaner has.

3. ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Pets can be worst than children with the messes they make. Unlike children, though, they don’t really care because they can’t clean it up. Technically speaking, you really can’t truly remove the hair they shed with traditional methods, either. In that case, you need an ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It’s designed to target any hair that has landed on your floors. The HEPA filter traps the finer dirt so that it doesn’t resurface on floors, tabletops, and furniture. When you need to switch between sweeping a carpeted floor and mopping a hardwood floor, it’s as easy as removing the mop from the bottom of the unit. Snap it back into place when it’s time to tackle those messy wood floors. Whether it’s going over carpet or wood, there are fourteen sensors that prevent it from colliding with furniture, walls, and other obstacles and going over the edge of stairs.

However, it has no problem passing over high thresholds of ten millimeters and it can climb an incline that slopes up at fifteen degrees. Not only that but when it needs to go under your furniture, it’s low enough to the ground for that not to be a difficult task, either. Although it can clean for up to an hour and forty minutes on one charge, it will return itself to its dock when the battery starts running low. Because this cleaner has a quiet operation, you can use it while you’re sleeping. As a matter of fact, you can program it to automatically start cleaning while you are sleeping. Use the remote control anytime you don’t feel like handling your unit. When you have time to manually operate it, there are no complicated buttons or combinations. Just press one button and watch it go. Reviewers often mention how much dirt it traps.

Final Verdict

Sweeping and mopping are such archaic activities. If it’s something you still do because you enjoy it, then more power to you. However, you should know that your wood floors are not getting the attention they deserve. The dirt isn’t going anywhere. You’re just pushing it around the floor to unseen places. Get a robotic vacuum cleaner to use. It will thoroughly remove the dirt and dust while simultaneously mopping to allow you to rest on your days off.


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