Have you been shopping the market looking for the perfect vacuum cleaner but have struggled to find the one that meets all your needs? Are you looking for a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner with a lot of power behind it?

If so, then you may want to consider investing in a stick vacuum, which meets both of these criteria and tends to run for quite a while on a single charge.

Here are a few vacuum cleaner models that meet that description, and the benefits that they offer to you:

Best Stick Vacuum

1. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet 81L2T

The BISSELL PowerEdge Pet 81L2T is a small stick vacuum cleaner with high amounts of power and dirt lifting capabilities. This particular model is designed to work best on hardwood floors, but of course, you can also use it on your carpets if you choose to. Because of the V-shape design of the vacuum cleaner head, you can easily get larger forms of debris off your floors with the edges of the vacuum, while the center of the V pulls in dirt and other types of small debris.

If you do take this vacuum cleaner onto your carpets, you shouldn’t have any difficulty maneuvering it around your furniture legs. Low pile area rugs are also relatively easy to clean with this particular model. When you are finished cleaning, simply detach the dirt cup from the unit and then empty your debris into the garbage.

Real reviewers from Amazon.com say that they truly appreciate the high amount of suction offered by this vacuum cleaner, since it can pull up a lot of pet hair from your carpets and get it off your hardwood floors. Users also like the easy-to-empty dust container, which makes cleanup a breeze and eliminates any hassle you would normally have with a vacuum.

2. EL1030A Ergorapido Ion

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is powerful and offers dual-functionality, then you may appreciate the EL1030A Ergorapido Ion.Although this vacuum cleaner only has a 30 minute run time, since it is cordless, you can easily place the unit back on the charger and use it again within about an hour after your initial use.

This vacuum cleaner has a 180-degree swivel head, so you can clean messes from places in your home that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to reach with a standard vacuum cleaner. If you have a smaller mess in one place and you don’t feel like dragging out the entire vacuum, you can disconnect the mid-section of the vacuum cleaner, which turns into a hand vacuum. The unit also has an LED headlight on the front of it, so you can see all the debris in your pathway—which takes the guesswork out of cleaning.

Amazon.com reviewers say that they like the fact that this vacuum is exceptionally easy to maneuver—particularly on hardwood floors. Users also like the compact size of the vacuum cleaner, as this makes the unit easier to store when you aren’t using it.

3. Dirt Devil SD20000RED

The Dirt Devil SD20000RED is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner that works as a standard stick vacuum, a handheld vacuum, and even a utility vacuum cleaner, depending on what your needs may be. If you ever do need to use the handheld part of this vacuum, it easily detaches from the unit in a matter of seconds, so you can quickly clean your upholstery, a tabletop or counter, or any other surface that you can’t normally reach with a standard vacuum cleaner.

An onboard crevice tool on this unit allows you to get into those harder-to-reach places and clean out all the dirt and debris in a timely manner. The vacuum is incredibly lightweight, which means that you can maneuver it around the house for a long time without getting too tired. The dust cup is fully removable and easy to clean out as well, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess when emptying the cup.

4. Dyson DC44 Animal

People who want a powerful stick vacuum cleaner that lasts for a long time may greatly benefit from the use of the Dyson DC44 Animal. The digital motor on this vacuum cleaner operates at speeds three times faster than standard vacuum cleaners, which helps you to get the job much faster than you would with an ordinary vacuum. This vacuum only runs for about 20 to 30 minutes when fully-charged, but it has a relatively short charge time, so you can begin using it again a few minutes after placing it back on the charger.

There are carbon-fiber brushes on this unit which help to clean your hardwood floors without damaging them. Your carpets can be cleaned with the nylon brushes on the vacuum by removing the ground-in dirt that may be buried deep within the carpet.

In short, these are the top four vacuums to consider if you are shopping for a high-powered stick vacuum cleaner.


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